16 Communities for Vallcarca
Final Review, FS20

Fem Mercat Vallcarca – Inès Rausis and Lorain Bernasconi

Fem Mercat Vallcarca
Master Plan
Common Kitchen, Caring Neighbours
Inès Rausis
   Jardins de La Farigola
   Lorain Bernasconi

The Core of Vallcarca – Angela Volken and Yuki Minami

The Core of Vallcarca
Master Plan
Gran Pasaje
Angela Volken
Vallcarca Valley
Yuki Minami

Densify for the Void – Alissa Luks, Laura Boer and Linquan Xu

Densify for the Void
Master Plan
Terraced Community
Alissa Luks
Laura Boer
Living by the Quarry
Linquan Xu

Neighbouring Spaces – Lucie Delacoste, Marina Mezzasalma and Takuma Akaki

Neighbouring Spaces
Master Plan
Comunitat de l’Argentera
Lucie Delacoste
Edifici Pati
Marina Mezzasalma
Community with Steps
Takuma Akaki

From Green to Green – Flavia Kläy, Moritz Schmidt and Yifei Niu

From Green to Green
Master Plan
Flavia Kläy
Giulietta and Open Fire
Moritz Schmidt
Along the Passage
Yifei Niu

Farigola as My Home – Jen Chenyu Zhang, Thorben Müller and Vivienne Yao

Farigola as My Home
Master Plan
The Vestibule of Farigola
Jen Chenyu Zhang
Along Farigola Street
Thorben Müller
Courtyard Community
Vivienne Yao


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