Intermediate Space, HS20

Linking Old + New – Florina Asfour

Connecting loggia –  Carole von Ziegler
Galleria Industria –  Hannes Lukesch
Galleria Industria –  Céline Berberat

Roof life – Chiara Gloor

From public to personalMoritz Schmidlin

Ways of Coming Home – Blanca Bosshard

Flow of Life – Nicola Moss
Coming Home along the tracks - Laura Oberholzer 

Space Of Activities – Joel Vetter

New Balconies Facing The Depot – Ilenia Buzzi
Promenade – Christelle Paroz

Way home through the Green Vestibule – Charlotte Neyenhuys

From the Tracks to the Light Yard –
Miriam Kreysel

Way home through the Green Vestibule – Miro Frei

Passage – S.Mischler                     
OniOn – Salim Umar

A Bistrot in the House – Gabriel Eggenschwyler
Dive In, Dive Un, Take Off – Elena Geser

Living Under One Roof – Robin Staubli  
SBB Lokomitivedepot Office – Liuba Kharisova

Layered Communities – Laura Imperiali 

Sharing the light - Pedro Tosatto Siedel
Terrace Living – Selina Frauenfelder


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