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Projects in Zurich

Observational Carthographies Presentation FS20

Short Films through the Communities, HS20

Meandering Light – Charlotte Neyenhuys
On Top of Books, Crops and Pillars – Miro Frei

Of Wooden Trusses and Skylights – Miriam Kreysel

Der Dorfplatz – Moritz Schmidlin
Trainspotting – Céline Berberat
Living in Between – Chiara Gloor
Reading Caves and Viewing Machines – Blanca Bosshard
Three Neighbourhoods of Living and Sharing – Laura Oberholzer
Das Abendmahl – Nicola Moos
Living Above the Gleisfeld – S.Mischler
Friday Night – Salim Umar
Between Trains and Music – Laura Imperiali
Bike Ride – Pedro Tosatto Siedel
Atmosphere Below and Above the Lokomotivdepot – Selina Frauenfelder
Meeting Strangers Passing By – Morris Widmer 
20 Years – Hannes Lukesch
Balcony Stories – Florina Asfour
Connecting Loggias – Carole Von Ziegler
Space of Activities – Joel Vetter
Promenade – Christelle Paroz
Community Around the Stage – Ilenia Buzzi 

Ocean View – Liubov Kharisova
Dreams – Robin Staubli
Where The City Is – Gabriel Eggenschwyler
Dive Up – Elena Geser

26 Communities for Neugasse
Final Review, HS20

Old Beginnings, New Endings – Florina Asfour, Carole von Ziegler and Hannes Lukesch

Old Beginnings, New Endings
Master Plan
Balcony Stories
Florina Asfour
Connecting Loggia
Carole von Ziegler

Vertical Village
Hannes Lukesch

Synergies – Céline Berberat, Chiara Gloor and Moritz Schmidlin

Master Plan
Céline Berberat
Living in Between
Chiara Gloor
Appropriated Space
Moritz Schmidlin

Wohngleis – Blanca Bosshard, Nicola Moos and Laura Oberholzer

Master Plan
Reading Caves And Viewing
– Blanca Bosshard
Living in the Belétage
Nicola Moos
Three Neighborhoods of Living
and Sharing 
– Laura Oberholzer

Through a Roof Landscape – Joel Vetter, Ilenia Buzzi and Christelle Paroz

Through a Roof Landscape
Master Plan
Space of Activities
Joel Vetter
Community around the Stage
Ilenia Buzzi
Living By The Train Tracks
Christelle Paroz

Gleishöfe – Miro Frei, Miriam Kreysel and Charlotte Neyenhuys 

Master Plan
On Top of Books, Crops & Pillars
Miro Frei
Of Wooden Trusses and Skylights
Miriam Kreysel
Meandering Light
Charlotte Neyenhuys

Bridging Communities – Laura Imperiali, Salim Umar and S.Mischler

Bridging Communities
Master Plan
Between Trains and Music
Laura Imperiali
Rampant Growth
Salim Umar
Living above the Gleisfeld

Quartier Gleisquai – Gabriel Eggenschwyler, Elena Geser, Robin Staubli and Liuba Kharisova

Quartier Gleisquai
Master Plan

Where the City is
Gabriel Eggenschwyler
The Castle On The Rock
Elena Geser
Living under one Roof
Robin Staubli
Ocean View Homes
Liuba Kharisova

Open Barriers – Morris Widmer, Selina Frauenfelder, Rosanna Novo and Pedro Tosatto Siedel

Open Barriers
Master Plan

Meeting Strangers Passing By
Morris Widmer
Loggia Living
Selina Frauenfelder
Sharing the Light
Pedro Tosatto Siedel
In the Carpentry
Rosanna Novo

Fragments of Domestic Spaces, HS20

Miro Frei
Charlotte Neyenhuys

Miriam Kreysel
Elena Geser

Robin Staubli

Liuba Kharisova
Gabriel Eggenschwyler
   Laura Oberholzer

Nicola Moos
Blanca Bosshard

Moritz Schmidlin

Celine Berberat
Anna Chiara Gloor

Laura Imperiali
Salim Umar
Pedro Tosatto

Morris Widmer
Selina Frauenfelder

Rosanna Novo
Florina Asfour
Carole von Ziegler

Ilenia Buzzi

Hannes Lukesch
Joel Vetter
Christelle Paroz

Measuring and Drawing in Kreis 5, HS20

Gleisgasse – Charlotte Neyenhuys, Miriam Kreysel and Miro Frei
Quartier Ottostrasse – Elena Geser, Gabriel Eggenschwyler, Liuba Kharisova and Robin Staubli

Wohngleis – Blanca Bossard, Laura Oberholzer and Nicola Moos
Synergies – Céline Berberat, Anna Chiara Gloor and
Moritz Schmidlin

Bridging Communities – Laura Imperiali, Salim Umar, S.Mischler

Open Barriers – Pedro Tosatto Siedel, Rosanna Novo, Morris Widmer and Selina Frauenfelder
Old Beginnings / New Endings - Carole von Ziegler,
Florina Asfour and Hannes Lukesch

Through a Roof Landscape - Joel Vetter, Christelle Paroz and Ilenia Buzzi


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